Tryout and Tournament Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Tryout Fee

  • The tryout fee is non-refundable if the athlete is not selected.
  • If the athlete is selected to attend the All American Games, the tryout fee will be applied to the tournament fee.
  • To cancel your tryout, notify USSSA (not the DBAT Academy) 24 hours prior to your scheduled tryout.

The All American Games fee is non-refundable and cannot be credited toward future tournaments. If we are notified that an athlete will not attend before the roster release on July 1st, we will mail the athlete’s items to their home.

All American Game Uniforms

Uniform FAQs

All American Game Uniforms

Each player will receive two game jerseys, which will not feature the players’ names. Jersey numbers will be assigned upon check-in on opening day. Additionally, players will be provided with a practice T-shirt and a tournament hat.

Players are responsible for bringing the following items:

  • White pants (without piping; knickers are acceptable)
  • Navy socks
  • Navy belt
  • Personal equipment (note: metal cleats are not allowed)
  • Catchers gear, if applicable
  • Custom jerseys are available to order, but this is completely optional. If two players on the same team end up with the same jersey number, don’t worry! As long as the lineup cards are accurate, everything will be fine.


What is the All-American program?

The USSSA All American Program was established in 2011 with the aim of providing increased opportunities for baseball players to demonstrate their abilities and represent their region of the country at a national event. The athletes are evaluated by some of the top scouts in baseball. The players are evaluated based on their individual skill level and athleticism.

After the All American scouting, the top athletes from each region will be selected to represent their region at the All American Games, which are held annually at the USSSA Space Coast Complex in Viera, Florida. At the Games, the regional teams will compete against each other in a fun and competitive environment. The ultimate goal of this program is to provide a pathway for individual athletes to be evaluated and earn the opportunity to participate in a national event at the All American Games.

What is an All-American tryout?
The tryout component of the USSSA All American Program is designed to identify the elite baseball players in each age division. All tryouts will provide each athlete with an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities in hitting, throwing, fielding, pitching/catching, and athletic testing. Players will be evaluated at two positions, primary and secondary. The All American Baseball Program will hold tryouts in six regions across the country: West, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and South. Athletes will be placed in a region based on their home State. Age groups will be determined strictly by the USSSA age calculator. For more information on the age group breakdown, please visit the following link. Age Calculator
Who will run the tryouts?

The staff for the USSSA All American Games tryout will be lead by professionals from the Premier D-BAT Baseball Training Academies, USSSA Scouts, and Strength and Conditioning Coordinator from Major League Baseball, Kevin Barr.

Where is my tryout?

USSSA has partnered with the Premiere D-BAT Baseball Training Academies in your area to host your tryout.


What time is my tryout?

The tryout will take place in the evening after school. Check-in will be at 6pm and tryout evaluations will follow promptly at 6:30. You should expect to set aside approximately 2 hours for the tryout. USSSA will contact you if times/dates are adjusted.

How and when will I know if my athlete has been selected?

Once a tryout is completed, the USSSA National Baseball office will reach out to selected players within 7-10 days. After notice, the selected player will have 72 hours to accept their invitation and register for the All American Games.

What is my financial responsibility?

The USSSA All American Games tryouts cost are $175. After being selected through the tryouts, athletes will have 72 hours to accept the invitation and register for the All American Games. The remaining fee for participation in the tournament is $275.

Is the tryout fee refundable if my athlete is not selected?

The tryout fee is not refundable if the athlete is not selected. If the athlete is selected to attend the All American Games the tryout fee will be applied to the tournament cost.

Tryout cancellations must be made prior to the tryout. USSSA does not honor same-day cancellations for tryouts.

What is my age classification for the All American Games?

For more information on the age group breakdown, please visit the following link. Age Calculator

Is 8u kid pitch or coach pitch?

8u is kid pitch at the Summer All American Games.

How many athletes will be selected?

36 athletes per region, per age group. (3 teams)

When will I know what team my athlete is on?

When all tryouts have concluded, teams will be announced. Early July.

What if I missed my tryout?

You may move your scheduled tryout to a different location. Please contact the USSSA Baseball office. Refunds will not be issued post tryout date.

How and when will I get my tryout evaluation report?

The email will come directly from Skill Shark 1-2 weeks post tryout. You will receive updates with new averages periodically as we host new tryouts. Be sure to check your spam folder.

What is the tryout evaluation?

The All American Games Assessment Data is meant to serve as a starting point of player development for each athlete.  If something can be measured, it can be improved.  This information will help provide each athlete, parent, & coach objective data for identifying areas of improvement to target for improvement.

The reports show the current age-average for each metric.   Each athlete is in a very different place physically and this information needs to be treated strictly as an individual roadmap to improvement and should NOT be viewed as good or bad.

1 to 5 scores are % based on 5 reps for fielding, throwing, and hitting.  The velocities and times are straight-forward.  The current average for each metric for each age group is based on data captured at the events listed on the report.  As more events are completed, you will continue to get updated reports.


Why was my athlete scouted?

Scouts from USSSA All American were present at a recent tournament where your athlete participated. After assessing the performance in hitting, fielding, and throwing, they believe your athlete meets the stringent criteria to participate in the upcoming All-American Games scheduled for this summer at Space Coast Stadium.

Does my athlete still have to tryout if scouted?

No. The scouting invitation is a direct invite to the USSSA All American Games.

What is my financial responsibilty?

The tournament cost is $450

What's in it for me?

5 GG, 2 All American Jerseys, All American Hat, a custom All American ring, player evaluations, and other surprises we have in store for the week!

What is the deadline to accept the invitation?

We ask that athletes accept or deny their invitation within the week, as we are actively scouting weekly. Don’t miss this unforgettable week of baseball!


How can my "tryout to tournament" journey be highlighted by USSSA?

We’d love to feature your athlete on our National USSSA Baseball social media accounts! Our media team is looking to showcase the process of becoming an All American — from tryout, to selection, to attending the grand finale at THE All American Games in Viera, FL.


At the D-BAT location during tryouts, take a vertical phone video of your athlete answering these three questions (ask your child to repeat the question in their answer and to answer using a few sentences):

  • What has been your motivation going into the All American games tryout?

(Ex response: “My motivation going into the All American games tryouts is…)

  • What have you been doing (or what has your training looked like) to prep for the All American Games tryout?

(Ex response: “To prep for the All American games tryout I’ve been….”

  • What would it mean to you to be selected as a USSSA All American and then get to go to Florida?

(Ex response: “I would be so excited to be selected as a USSSA All American.”

“I’ve been working really hard, so being selected as a USSSA All American would be amazing.”  

Please also send 3-4 vertical phone videos of your athlete performing during the tryout.

Please send your video submissions to: [email protected] OR message us on Facebook Messenger to the “USSSA-Baseball” page

​** We will be selecting three to five athletes to feature who accept their invitation to attend the All American Games. Once confirmed, our media team will follow up with you via email to coordinate getting more content when you arrive at the USSSA Space Coast Complex in July.