ABOUT All American Games

The greatest showcase of individual youth talent in the World.

The USSSA All American Baseball Program is one of the premier recognition programs for youth baseball players in the United States. Run by the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), the program recognizes top players in multiple age groups, providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills and compete against the best players from around the country. Our mission is to identify and recognize the top baseball players in the country, and provide them with opportunities to develop and showcase their skills.

One of the unique aspects of the USSSA All American Baseball Program is that it offers tryouts all over the country, giving players from all regions the opportunity to showcase their skills and be recognized as one of the best players in their age group. These tryouts are run by top athletes and coaches in baseball, who evaluate players based on their individual skill level and athleticism.

After the tryouts, the top athletes from each region will be selected to represent their region in the All American Games, which is the main event of the program. The All American Games are held annually at the USSSA Space Coast Complex, which is a world-class, state-of-the-art facility located in Viera, Florida. The complex is built to provide players with an opportunity to play at a first-class facility in a beautiful location, and the games held here are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for players to showcase their abilities and be recognized as one of the best baseball players in their age group.

The All American Games provide a competitive environment for all athletes regardless of their gender or age. This environment helps them increase their skills, develop better communication, and team build with players from other parts of the country. It’s a great opportunity for kids to develop as players and individuals, and have fun. The program is designed to create a positive and competitive environment for players to grow and excel both on and off the field.